Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chart Analysis: 1/17/2009- Lady GaGa's First Week at the Top

Lady GaGa hits #1
The inevitable has occurred. Currently topping the Canadian charts with her second single, "Pokerface," newcomer Lady GaGa finally tops the US charts with with "Just Dance." This is especially notable, as it took an almost unheard of 22 weeks to get there. It's a true testament to the power of a pure pop song, and how US audiences may not be the quickest to embrace a new face.

Beyonce Earns Backwards Bullet
Beyonce's "Single Ladies" looks like it will end its chart run with a total of 4 weeks at number one, though it earned a backwards bullet. iTunes sales seem to have peaked- as the song currently sits at #5 after being #1 for about a month. This song is without a doubt a mega-hit, resembling the cultural ubiquity of the last album's huge single, "Irreplaceable."

Biggest Country Hit of the Decade?
Has anyone noticed that Taylor Swift has created the biggest country crossover song since Faith Hill's "Breathe"? Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts the Most" and Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" peaked at #6 and #7, respectively. That would mean that Taylor Swift has not only had 5 singles to debut in the top 20 in 2008 alone, but has arguably created the biggest country song of the entire decade.

The Hit of Jason Mraz's Career
"I'm Yours," Jason Mraz's self-claimed former B-side, continues its bulletproof chart run, bouncing back up 12-7. The song's still strong at iTunes, and as it continues to cross over to different radio formats (Adult Contemporary and Rhythmic Top 40 most notably) we can expect to have this one around for awhile, easily accomplishing the impressive year-long run on the charts.

4 in a Row for the All American Rejects
Look for All American Rejects' "Gives You Hell" to earn a greatest digital sales gainer next week and a break into the top 10. That would give AAR their 4th big hit in a row, (Dirty Little Secret-#9, Move Along-#15, It Ends Tonight-#8) and these guys have successfully avoided a flop after their new album peaked an okay #15 in a holiday-heavy week.

Have we seen the peak of Akon?
Could Akon have already hit his peak? "Right Now (Na Na Na)," the annoying new one from the guest-appearance whore, peaked at #8, far from the smashes that were "I Wanna F*** You" and "Smack That." Maybe it's just because his new song really isn't all that good, while at least "I Wanna F*** You" was pretty damn catchy. While he tries to gain traction with the big guest names on the album, "Freedom" barely registered in the top 10 during the holiday season.

Ludacris Stumbles
Further on down the chart, Ludacris' "One More Drink", featuring the inevitable T-Pain, slowly tries to gain momentum after "What Dem Girls Like", the lead single from his album, "Theater of the Mind," tanked at #47. If "Drink" doesn't get much higher, it will be Luda's worst showing on the charts...ever, as the second lowest showings from his first major studio album, "Back for the First Time". "What's Your Fantasy" and "Southern Hospitality" peaked at #21 and #23 back in 2000. It's very hard for rap acts to stay at the top for longer than 5 years, and it looks as if Ludacris could be hitting some speed bumps.

Pink Shows Strong Followup
Max Martin has solidified Pink's comeback for not only one album, but two- as "So What," her first solo #1, is still holding on in the top 20, and the followup, "Sober" gains ground as it rises 35-32. This one may not have the momentum to reach the top 10, but it has certainly put Pink back on track as one of the top hitmakers of the naughts.

Christina Aguilera's Last Week on the Chart
Christina Aguilera's attempt at Goldfrapp, "Keeps Gettin' Better" (and there's no disrespect either- Britney did it with "Womanizer") could be spending its last week in the top 50 of the charts, as it slides 46-48 in only its 14th week on the charts. After strong digital sales landed it a debut in the top 10, it's been only one direction for the song since then, as it failed to become a regular staple at radio. Sales were very soft for Christina's Greatest Hits Target Exclusive, as it failed to stick around the upper rungs of the chart during the holidays.

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